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New Orleans

If you’re planning a trip to New Orleans or simply want to learn more about the city, sit back and let my blog highlight some of the best restaurants and tourist attractions in New Orleans.

I will also share my thoughts on the Airbnb where I stayed.

New Orleans or NOLA, is known for its diverse southern food culture, music, and vibrant energy.

 It’s impossible to talk about New Orleans without mentioning Loius Armstrong. Let me first give you a brief overview of his significance.

Louis Armstrong New Orleans Jazz Musician.

You are bound to come across images or statues alluding to this great historical figure adorning the streets of New Orleans.

In fact, both the main airport and a well-known park are named after him.

According to my research and what I read while there, Loius Armstrong was born in New Orleans in the 1900s. 

He became a famous Jazz trumpeter and rose to fame while touring the United States with well-known bands.

Louis Armstrong is now a significant figure in the state of New Orleans and around the world. He is regarded as the father or pioneer of jazz music.

Moreover, there is a Louis Armstrong House Museum here in Queens New York City. If you are in the big apple, add this to your list of places to visit.

Best New Orleans Restaurants For Foodies

If you are a Food Explora like me, you will enjoy the southern dishes available in NOLA (New Orleans + Louisiana).

More importantly, if you enjoy seafood, this is the state you should visit. There are menu items across different restaurants to satisfy every foodie’s taste buds.

Creole, French, and Cajun, are just some of the southern flavors that this city has to offer. There are fast food joints easily accessible and cheaper for all the foodies. 

Bourbon Street New Orleans

Best restaurants in New OrleansWhen in New Orleans, you must take a visit to Bourbon Street.  This street is what I will describe as the entertainment hub of New Orleans. 

The street is lined with some of the best New Orleans Restaurants for foodies, bars, street performers, hotels, clubs, and other nightlife activities. 

Maybe the food culture and festivities explains why the State of Louisiana Tourism Board  reports that in 2021 (during a pandemic) they attracted 41 million domestic and international visitors to the state. 

NOLA Cookery  is rated one the best New Orleans restaurants for foodies. It is located on Bourbon Street. The ambiance, like most of the restaurants I have visited, is warm and inviting. You will undoubtedly experience southern hospitality.

I got their Crawfish Etouffee. It’s a hearty southern cajun stew flavored with crawfish, herbs, and cajan seasoning.

Etouffee is a French word that translates “to smother.” The stew is accompanied by a very small bowl of white rice.

The Food Explora in me, on the other hand, would pair this delectable stew with

my Buttery Cassava Sweet Potato Mash or my homemade Garden Mash Potatoes. 

I tried one of their local beers called Purple Haze Raspberry Lager. Not the best-tasting beer I have ever tried, but it was ok.

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Mambo’s is yet  another top New Orleans  Restaurant and bar on Bourbon Street. My waitress persuaded me to try their Cajun Jambalaya Pasta instead of their Mambo’s Burger that I originally intended to order.

This penne pasta dish is made with juicy pieces of shrimp,  alligator sausages, onions, and sweet peppers cooked in a delicious creole sauce. 

The different flavor of the dish made it unique from the shrimp pasta dish I am accustomed to eating.

On their appetizer menu, they offer  Gator Tail Bites. The Food Explora in me was going to order a serving, but since the pasta already had the gator sausages, I did not bother to order.

Interestingly, the ceiling of the restaurant is decorated with metal structures of alligators (see video). For these reasons I have called this restaurant the “Alligator Restaurant”

One of the surprising things I discovered in New Orleans was that the cost of dining was relatively high for the portion size of the meals.

I’m not sure if this high cost is due to the current inflation, or if it’s because the restaurants are in a tourist area.

Best restaurants in New Orleans

We Dat’s Restaurant is on Canal Street, directly across from the Airbnb where I stayed.

It’s a small dine-in establishment. Even though they do not sell alcohol, the restaurant’s layout, sports jerseys, and multiple TVs hanging on the walls gave it the feel of a sports bar.

However, I ordered their Cajun Catfish and French Fries and thoroughly enjoyed them.

The dance hall music playing in the restaurant at the time of my visit reminded me of one of the Jamaican restaurants in New York City.

Best restaurants in New Orleans

Mother’s is a small dine-in restaurant in New Orleans that is said to be popular.

I was particularly drawn to this establishment because of the name. 

 In Jamaica, we also have a fast food chain restaurant by the name Mother’s

The numerous picture frames that cover every inch of each wall may catch your eye as you enter this relatively small dine-in restaurant.

They do, however, give a homey feel to them. Most New Orleans restaurants appear to have this as a decorative theme.

I have always wanted to try real southern gumbo. The cashier suggested their Seafood Gumbo. The texture is similar to Jamaican stewed peas.

The gumbo stew is visually appealing, with shrimp, seafood, and okra served over spoonfuls of white rice.

It did, however, fall short of my expectations. It was quite pricey for the portion size, and the flavor and texture were disappointing. But it wasn’t that bad.

The Food Explora in me couldn’t resist ordering a slice of their Pecan Pie. It was ok; not really noteworthy.

When visiting New Orleans, I still believe that indulging in a delicious bowl of authentic southern gumbo is a must. 


Sucre La Nouvelle Orleans

“Sucre” was Ecuador’s basic monetary unit and is also the official capital of Bolivia. In New Orleans, however, it is the French term for “having a taste of sugar.”

SUCRE describes its business as a dessert and coffee boutique.

Their elegant French pastries, cakes, macaroons, and gelato ice cream are available at the French boutique. 

You may sit, drink coffee and enjoy the sweet experience at Sucre.

The Food Explora in me could not stop me from trying their Caramel layered bar cake. 

It was so deliciously rich that I wished it was ten times bigger. However, it would have cost me more than $100.

Click on the link below to learn more about Sucre in New Orleans.

The Beach On Bourbon

By day, The Beach On Bourbon is a great place to hang out with friends, play games, and drink a few drinks.

Their outdoor bar offers some of the best alcoholic beverages, particularly during happy hour.

However, by night, the area is transformed into a massive dance floor with live bands. It’s a great place to get lost in the music and dance the night away.

The IHOP Restaurant is located on Canal Street, just a few minutes walk from where I stayed.

If you enjoy buttermilk pancakes and are looking for a good breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Ihop is the place to go.

Best New Orleans Fast Food Restaurants

New Orleans is not short of fast food restaurants. Willie’s Chicken Shack and Willie’s Pizza and Wings boast that their food is “Slap Yo Mamma Good” I did not have the opportunity to visit any of these New Orleans Fast food chains. In addition, they can be found throughout the city. 

Fat Tuesday and Mango Mango Daiquiri are two very popular restaurants that specialize in frozen cocktails.

They are very popular and can be seen all over New Orleans. Their alcoholic slushies remind me of those from Wet Willies. These drinks will keep you cool on hot and humid summer days.

If you are looking for common fast food chain restaurants, Shake Shack, SUBWAY, and McDonald’s are all within walking distance. 

Furthermore, you can also go to CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens for grocery items, and liquor stores for your alcohol needs.

New Orleans Tourist Attractions


The organizers of The National World War II (WWII) Museum did an excellent job of providing its visitors with an unforgettable experience by immersing them in a real-life-like WWII combat experience via video and other multimedia presentations.

This is a fantastic family adventure that comes highly recommended. Adult admission to the museum cost $33 at the time of my visit. 

Children are admitted at a reduced rate, and all Veterans are admitted free of charge. 

A short video and photo presentation of the museum is provided below.

WWII Museum New Orleans

New Orleans WWII Museum

Play Video about WWII Museum

Here’s another must-see tourist attraction in New Orleans. The Louis Armstrong Park  is about a 15-minute walk from where I stayed at Airbnb.

The public park features a pond, sculptures, and green open space where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the works of local New Orleans artists who perform at the Louis Armstrong Park Local Fest.

The park’s statue of the great jazz musician Louis Armstrong stands tall in the middle of the park by the pond.

Several vendors were observed selling their art, jewelry, clothing, and food at the time of my visit.

New Orleans Louis Armstrong Park

Louis Armstrong Park Local Music Fest.

Play Video about new orleans louis armstrong

Caesars Superdome Of New Orleans

If you are a New Orleans Saints fan or just a sports lover, then you will enjoy a visit to the Dome of the Saints.

The multi-purpose Caesars Superdome stadium nestled in New Orleans’ business district, is the preferred venue for sporting events and concerts.

The stadium has previously hosted several Super Bowl games, college basketball games, and concerts featuring some of the country’s top artists. 

Add this tourist attraction to your vacation list. To find out more about upcoming events, go HERE.

New Orleans Caesars Superdome

It’s a family affair here. If you enjoy bowling, arcades, watching sports, and dining, the New Orleans Dave and Buster’s.  It is just a few blocks away from the Caesars Superdome.

I occasionally go to Dave & Buster’s in Times Square  New York City. These sports bars are ideal for socializing with friends and family. There is something enjoyable for everyone.

New Orleans City Bus Tour

One of the best ways to see a city is to take one of its tour buses. CitySightSeeing is a must-do tourist attraction in New Orleans for seeing and learning about the city with a live tour guide.

The open double-decker buses can be seen all over the city. You can conveniently hop on and off the bus at any time during the 1.5-hour ride.

You can choose from a variety of tour packages. However, a single-day pass for an adult will cost $39.

Children under the age of 12 pay only $10, at the time of my visit.

Visit HERE to learn more about the tour bus and ticket prices. 

New Orleans City tour Bus

Getting Around New Orleans

Public Bus

Outside of Uber or Lyft, public transportation is another cost-effective way to get around New Orleans. Luckily, my Airbnb is in a perfect location within walking distance of most tourist attractions and the best restaurants to eat. 

Street Cars

The red and green street cars were new to me. Riding on one of these felt like I was riding back in time to the 1960s.

They are cooling looking, both inside and out. They are a fun way to get around the city. It cost me $1.25 for 1 way. However, you may purchase a daily pass for $3. 

Bike Carts

Right outside the corner of Bourbon Street and Canal Street, you will find these bike carts waiting to take you for a ride to your destination of choice. If you visit NYC you will see these bike carts in New York City Times Square.

new orleans bike carts
New Orleans Street Cars

Transportation from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

Depending on the time of day, an Uber or Lyft from the airport to the Airbnb apartment I stayed at on Canal Street will cost you between $30 and $40.

The E1 bus is another inexpensive way to get to and from the airport. This will only cost you $2.

If you find yourself at Louis Armstrong International Airport and have a foodie craving, I recommend the Shake Shack Restaurant’s burger meal.

They are, in my opinion, one of the best fast food burger joints.

In New York City, I occasionally go there for their Angus beef burgers.

Louis Armstrong International Airport

Expedia was where I found my vacation travel package. You, too, can take advantage of the reasonably priced packages to New Orleans and other destinations around the world.

To find low-cost vacation packages, click on the image or HERE.

This post contains affiliate links to services. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you.

Where To Stay In New Orleans
Sonder Review

Sonder describes what I call an Airbnb, as private apartments. It is located on Canal Street In the Business District of New Orleans, next door to Tulane University School Of Public Health and Tropical Medicine  is the beautiful Sonder 1-bedroom Airbnb apartment on the 11th floor. 

A small swimming pool on the 19th floor with views of the city is accessible to keep you cool during the hot, humid days. A video tour of the entire apartment is provided below.

When Is The Best Time To Visit New Orleans?

Except for brief periods when the temperature falls below normal cold, the weather is pleasant all year. The warmer seasons, from April to October, are, in my opinion, the best time to visit New Orleans.

A few locals recommended that I attend the next Mardi Gras. According to my understanding, it is New Orleans’ annual carnival parade in which there is music and participants display their costumes as they march through the street of NOLA. The festivities begin around Lent. More information can be found by clicking HERE .

New Orleans Sonder Airbnb Apartment Tour.

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Sonder Apertments

New Orleans: Best Restaurants | Airbnb review | Tourist Attractions

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