One-Pot Coconut Chicken Vegetable Rice: Easy 30-Minute Meal.

One-pot Coconut Chicken Vegetable Rice

In 30 minutes or less, you and your family will enjoy a flavorful Caribbean-inspired one-pot coconut chicken vegetable rice dish.  This quick and easy 30-minute meal features juicy chicken breast, and fluffy rice cooked in […]

Authentic Jamaican Curry Chicken Recipe: Lunch and Dinner Idea.

Authentic Jamaican Style Curry Chicken Recipe

You don’t need to go to your favorite Jamaican restaurant to get containers of curry chicken and white rice for your family. You can make your own Authentic Jamaican Curry Chicken Recipe at home for […]

Air Fryer Chicken Wings With A Drunken BBQ Rum Sauce.

BBQ air fryer chicken wings

These air fryer chicken wings have something to be happy about after being drenched in a delicious BBQ Bacardi Rum Sauce. Tossed in this homemade BBQ sauce and served with air fryer sweet potato fries, […]

Food Explora’s Top 7 Easy Keto-friendly Quiche Recipes.

easy keto-friendly quiche recipes

These keto-friendly quiche recipes are very easy, can be made overnight, and stored for up to 1 month. More importantly, they can be quickly reheated for a healthy protein-packed nutritious breakfast or meal. In addition, […]

Chicken Saag Recipe | Revision of Hangry Patel’s | Oatmeal Dumplings.

Chicken Saag

This Chicken Saag Recipe is a revised version of  Hangry Patel’s recipe. It’s a delicious Indian stew that is made with Chicken and green leafy vegetables stewed into a thick mash of finger-licking goodness. I […]