What Has COVID-19 Taught Us?


What has COVID-19 Taught Us?

Statistics To Date

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus Pandemic wreaked havoc globally and has affected every aspect of people’s life. Between March 2020 when the Pandemic started and May 30 2020, the Center of Disease Control (CDC), reported over 6 million confirmed positive cases and over 370,000 deaths globally. New York City had the highest number of confirmed cases in the world. The world felt like we were reliving the movie called ContagionReviewing the CDC statistical data gave me the chills. However, despite this tragedy, I felt a sense of gratitude for not becoming a statistic.



NYC Train COVID-19

CDC Statistics

(as of 5/30/20)

World WideUSANew York
Number of Cases6,154,0351,737,950 360,000
Total Deaths370,893102,785 23,282



Panic Mode

Fear of the unknown has sent the world into panic mode. As a result, the shelves of supermarkets were swept clean. Toilet paper, hand sanitizers, face masks and convenient foods were all sold out. People stacked up their pantries because they feared a potential food shortage. Strange to say the least, fear sometimes places us into an irrational state of mind and as a result we do things that makes us later question: why…?.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing became the norm during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The photo dated 4/6/20 and 5/18/20 are  demonstrations of how fragile we are as a society, but yet so resilient. We applaud essential workers for their dedication and commitment to service during the corona virus outbreak.

Dated 5/18/20
NYC Train COVID-19
Dated 4/6/20

COVID-19 and the Homeless

Homelessness has always been a huge issue in New York City. In addition, the subways and trains are used as their dwelling place. It took the COVID-19 Pandemic for the Government Officials to make it possible for most of the homeless to be safely removed from the subways. The trains are the cleanest they have been for the last 15 year as far as I can recall.


homeless NYC

For the last 2 months, between the hours of 1 am to 5 am, the NYC subways are shutdown for deep cleaning by the transit officials. Recently, hired Cleaners were observed thoroughly sanitizing each train cart throughout the day at designated subway stations. These efforts were an attempt to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Maybe if these efforts were made in March when the Pandemic started, then would the number of infections increased this much?

NYC Subway Cleaning
Stephanie Keith/Getty Image


We Are All Equal

The Coronavirus is not partial to anyone’s race or socioeconomic status. The pandemic has broken us down to one leveled playing field. irrespective of where we are in life, we have lost, hurt, and grieved. All our material positions mean nothing to us when Corona came knocking at our door.

Magnified What Was Already  Present

The Pandemic has created a lot of problems. But on the other hand has also magnified issues that was already there prior to the viral attack. Many marriages or relationships are broken. Mental Health symptoms start to become manifested. These and many other issues were  not created, but were pulled to the surface and people were forced to deal with them.


A Spiritual Awakening

The COVID-19 Pandemic is a spiritual cleansing. What the world loves to worship: money, fame, clothes, careers, and family, were all taken away from us within a short period of time.  Moreover, the pandemic has got us to rethink who we are and what we value. We have learned that  power and strength is not in what we have or own, but in what we hold within.

Be Prepared

Being prepared for another viral outbreak is all good. But being prepared financially, spiritually and emotionally is what will sustain you during these tough times.

God Is The Center Of Our Joy

Joy does not come from your career, the money saved, or a Stimulus Check from the government. When everything around us seems to be crumbling , God is always in the eye of the storm. That’s is where you will find peace, comfort and joy.



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