Everyday Reads:Top 16 Books Every Man and Woman Will Enjoy Reading.

top 16 everyday read books

Looking for self-help and inspirational books, here are my top 16  everyday reads books you will enjoy reading .  The mind is a terrible thing to waste. We live in a world where many people do not read. 

Screen time has increased tremendously over the years. Unfortunately, people prefer to watch videos than to read a book that positively stimulates their minds.

Studies have shown that reading everyday can help with easing anxiety, stress and promote good mental health.

Join the challenge today! Develop the habit of reading at least 1 book each month. Vacations or long travels are a great time to get your read on. #readinglivesmatters

We spend so many hours at the airport and on our flights. Dedicating some of these times to reading a few pages can go a long way. Set aside 1 hour, 2-3 days of the week, to read before bedtime. 


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Join The Challenge: Read 1 Book A Month

1. Rich Dad's Plan for financial Success.

Robert Kiyoski’s top 3 sellers merge into one book is probably the best financial book I have ever read. Your perception about how to attain financial freedom will be changed forever. It is about 400 pages and may take a few weeks to complete, but it will be worth it.

Guide To Becoming Rich Without Cutting Up Your Credit Cards is another one of my favorite everyday reads.


The Former President and First Lady of the United States share their personal journey on their childhood, how they met, almost broke up and how difficult it was to raise two children under the scrutiny of the media.

This gut spilling life story of the Obamas will totally inspire you to stand firm and united through life’s ups and downs.

If you have not owned a copy, here is the link for your copy of a everyday reads:

3. Suze Orman The Money Book..

I came across Suzie Orman show on MSNBC and loved her delivery and expertise on personal finance.

As a newbie to the US, credit cards, loans and debt were new to me. This was my go-to book to learn how to not get broke and buried in debt.

If you have family members or friends who are just leaving high school or are in college, this is a great book to gift them.


top Books to read
suzie orman

This book is an easy read. The thought provoking gems throughout the book will inspire you to find your true purpose in life. 

It is a great read for younger people or even those well above 40 years old.  You can get your copy from Amazon via the link below.


Ted Dekker psychological thriller ADAM, showcases many unforeseen twists and turns. Ted will have you on the edge of your seat. The story is gripping, compelling, and encompasses the horrific battle between good and evil.

An FBI agent goes on the hunt for a serial killer and seeks to solve a number of murder cases. But he gets engulfed with obsessive tendencies that lead to his own demise.

top Books to read
top Books to read

Jullian Michaels is one of  Hollywood’s top personal trainers. She is well known for the TV show The Biggest Looser as one of the trainers.

In her book,  Master Your Metabolism, she simplifies the many dietary and environmental factors that can wreak havoc on your endocrine system and consequently impair your efforts for losing weight and revving up your metabolism.

Get Your copy below.

7. DETOX Strategy

There are so many false claims on the internet about trending detox diets or supplements. But Brenda provides her readers with scientific evidence on practical natural strategies for cleansing and detoxifying your body from very harmful toxins.  Many people accumulate toxins in your body over the years that can lead to many diseases and illnesses.

You will love my blog “Drink This For A Natural 48 Hours Detox Cleanse”

Here is my link to get a copy of Brenda’s everyday read book:


top Books to read
top Books to read

Jim Cymbala is the pastor of my home church The Brooklyn Tabernacle. The book Storm enlightens its readers about the external and internal storms that the church faces in today’s world.

Pastor Cymbala in his book, illustrates with testimonies and biblical references how we the church have to adjust to the stormy weathers of this world in order to survive for the greater good.

These same principles can be applied to the storms we face in our daily lives.

This is a very inspirational book. You will be encouraged and find hope in its messages.

Get your copy today!

9. Strength In Weakness

Andrew Comiskey shares in his book how men and women can find healing and strength in their weakness and brokenness.

He paints pictures by sharing real-life stories and testimonies to help encourage his readers.

His spiritual point of view on how men and women can break free from relational bondages will leave you feeling inspired.


Annie Hauk-Lawson was my college professor and Undergrad Advisor. She has a passion for food culture and food systems. In her book Gastropolis, she showcases the rich food heritage in a multicultural NYC. Profesor Haul-Lawson says it best:

“Food forms the core of a person, both physically and metaphorically, in its expression of identity when people of different social classes and ethnic background select or favors certain items”

If you also want to learn about the stories of how immigrants contributed to New York City’s rich food and dining history, then you will love to own a copy of the everyday reads.

Every  Man’s Battle debunks the idealogy that men are unable to control their wandering eyes and thought processes.

 The authors share their own stories and testimonies of how they have obtained sexual purity through the renewing of the mind. 

You will also like to grab the everyday reads sister copy: Every Woman’s Battle.

top Books to read

12. The Laws Of Thinking

Bishop E Jordan in this book declares that everything starts with a thought. His controversial stance on the power of the mind will leave you empowered to change your thoughts and level of thinking.  Speak it, become it, and manifest it. He clearly states that:

“What you want to become is sleeping in you. You must transform your mind to awaken it”

Each of the 20 chapters is dedicated to the different laws of thinking. We can manifest anything by speaking the word and becoming the word.

Everyone should own a copy of this book. Barack Obama’s autobiography captivates his journey from childhood to Howard University to the White House.

His book will empower and give you hope for the future of  America. If you are going to get Obama’s book, you will definitely need to get his wife’s book called: Becoming Michelle Obama. Her book has gained a lot of attention and very great reviews.

books to read
top Books to read

14. Understanding Stocks.

This is one of the first books I purchased to help me learn about stocks and trading.

This everyday reads self-help book is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the basic principles of investing.

15. How To Buy Your First Home.

If you would like to learn about the ins and outs of purchasing your 1st home, then you will enjoy reading this one.

This may be a bit outdated, but you will gain some excellent tips ,first-hand from an Attorney, who knows about buying real estate. You can get this copy here: How To Buy Your First Home.  But here is a similar updated book that you will also find helpful:

top Books to read

16. The OZ Principle

Last but not least, The Oz Principle is one of the books that were gifted to me years ago. The book offers advice on how to be accountable in one’s life and hold other people accountable using the Oz Principle: Do It, Solve it, Own it, and See it.

I do agree with the author that many companies fail because of “managerial errors” and a lack of accountability in the workplace. This everyday read book is an ideal gift idea for your Manager and employees.


YouTuber "Order of Man" Shares 7 Books that the Men In Your Life Should Read.

"Knowlege is power. It empowers you to take control of your thinking and life. Reading is fundamentally one of the best longterm investment practices or lifestyle."
Kevin Foodie
Food and Travel Blogger

Gift yourself or the man in your life a copy

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find these great reads interesting.

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    1. I know you have a thing for detox claims. I agree there are alot false claims for detoxing the body. But there are natural ways to detox your body. The book i showcased is a very good book that gave some excellent pointers on how to detox the natural way. You should reserach and write a blog on the detox diets.

  1. I’ve not read any of these books myself but they sound really interesting. I’m always open for suggestions! Thank you so much for sharing Xo

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  2. These were amazing suggestions, I’m putting them on my list!

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  3. Thanks for these great recommendations! Many are not from the genres I typically read, but they look really interesting, so I’ll have to check them out!

  4. These sound like great books! You have shared so many suggestions and I haven’t heard of a lot of them. I would like to read Michelle Obama’s book one day, I think that would be really interesting. Thank you for sharing.


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