How To Make An Easy Sweet and Spicy Tamarind Sauce Recipe.


Tamarind is a nutritiously sweet and tart fruit snack right from the tree. But can also be made into this easy delicious sweet and spicy Tamarind Sauce. The tamarind sauce can be used as a dressing for fruit and vegetable salad and other tangy touch to other meals.


Did you know that Tamarind  is referred to as monotypic meaning no other species of this fruit can be found? In addition, It is also one of the ingredients in Worcestershire Sauce.

Tamarind Is A Legume?

Tamarind was one of my favorite childhood fruits. The fruit is a brown eggshell textured pod grown on a tree. Some countries refer to it as a legume. When unripe or “green” the flesh is green and very sour. 

However, as the Tamarind ripens, the flesh turns a gluey dark brown color and is matured into different degrees of sweetness and tanginess. 

tamarind seeds

Moreover, as typically seen in most legumes, the Tamarind pods encase several inedible black seeds. These seeds were used as Bingo or ” draft games” markers. As children, these were often use in replacement of stones in our catapult.

Tamarind Measles Remedy

As a  child, I remembered that the leaves of the tamarind tree were used as a natural remedy for treating measles. The leaves were boiled and used as a topical treatment.

Tamarind Nutrition Value

Not only are Tamarind tasty and adds a sweet tang to meals, but they are good source of good nutrition.

1 cup Tamarind Pulp contains:

287 calories

3.4 g Protein

69 g Sugar

6.1 g Fiber

753 mg Potassium, 136 mg Phosphorus, 110 mg Magnesium, 89 mg Calcium, 17 mcg Folate, 4.2 mg Vitamin C, 3.9 mcg Iron, 0.5 mcg Thiamin, in addition to other vitamins and minerals. [Source: Nutrition Data ]

How To Use Tamarind Sauce

This Sweet and Spicy Tamarind Sauce can be used as:

(1) Salad Dressing

(2) Added to smoothies

(3) Marinade for meats

(4) Drizzle on Fruit Salad

(5) Baking

Hope you will enjoy this Tamarind Sauce recipe. Let me know what you think. Please leave a comment and star rating.

Sweet And Spicy Tamarind Sauce

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Here are the 3 ingredients You Will Need.



Brown sugar

Brown Sugar

habanero peppers

Habanero Peppers

How to make Tamarind sauce

How To Make An Easy Sweet and Spicy Tamarind Sauce.

Kevin Foodie
This Tamarind sauce is very simple and easy as 1-2-3. It is great as a dressing for salads, smoothies, stews, or a marinate for meats.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Course Sauce
Cuisine Caribbean


  • Sauce Pan
  • Spoon
  • Sieve/Strainer
  • A Glass Jar
  • 1 Bowl
  • Stove


  • 18 each Tamarind Fruit
  • ½ cup Light Brown Sugar
  • 1 tsp. Finely Chopped Habanero Pepper
  • 4 cups Water


  • Gently crack the outer shell of each Tamarind pod with your fingers. You will expose the flesh of the tamarind; along the flesh runs a fibrous vein.
  • Remove the fibrous vein. In the saucepan, add de-veined tamarind, water, sugar, and finely chopped pieces of habanero peppers.
  • Over medium heat, boil tamarind mixture for 10 minutes in an uncovered saucepan.
  • Strain the tamarind juice through the sieve. Be sure to use the spoon to remove the remaining pulp left on the sac of the seeds by pressing against the mesh of the sieve.
    How to make Tamarind sauce
  • Add the tamarind sauce back to the saucepan and continue to cook for another 5 minutes over medium heat or until the sauce fairly thickens. Tamarind is very high in natural pectin and will further thicken as it cools.
  • Remove from flame and pour into a clean glass jar and allow to cool at room temperature. Later place in the refrigerator and serve as needed.
    making tamarind sauce



Some Tamarind is very sweet while some are very tart. You can adjust the sweetness of the Tamarind Sauce by adding less or more sugar for your desired taste.
The same is true for the level of heat. you can adjust the heat level by adding more or fewer pieces of habanero peppers.
Habanero peppers can be replaced with scotch bonnet pepper. Be careful! scotch bonnet peppers are very hot; a very small amount goes a long way in adding some heat to your Tamarind Sauce.
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Tamarind Sauce

A form of preservation.

making tamarind sauce
chicken salad with tamarind sauce

Tamarind Sauce Dressing

A perfect dressing for any fruit and vegetable salad.

Fresh Tamarind

Tamarind can also be found pressed into pulp blocks, concentrated and even in the form of a candy.


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    I love tamarind also but never tried making sauce out of it! But we use it to add taste into soups. Nice!

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    Thanks for sharing these other uses of tamarind. I use tamarind powder to make my own gluten-free Worcestershire sauce. Now you have my mind spinning. Thanks for sharing.

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    I have also made this substituting green peppers and adding lime juice to make it ZESTY instead of spicy and OMG so good BOTH ways!

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