Nassau Bahamas Vacation|Paradise Island | RIU All-Inclusive Resort/Hotel Review.

RIU resort Bahamas swimming pool

Now is the cheapest time to vacation. The Pandemic has afforded us very affordable all-inclusive vacation packages; some under $1000 including a flight to the Bahamas.

The RIU Resort/Hotel on Paradise Island in the Bahamas regularly can be expensive for the average person. But the RIU resort has been promoting some great deals over the last year. You just have to know when is the right time to book.

Cheap Vacation Packages To The Bahamas

Off-peak seasons are usually the cheapest. But since the pandemic, travel to Caribbean countries that have their borders opened or re-opened, have decreased significantly. As the pandemic comes to a close, now is the best time to lock in some of these great prices on all-inclusive vacation packages.

Expedia is one of the main online travel agencies I use to book my travel plans. In the blog, I will be showcasing my experiences while vacationing at the RIU Resort/Hotel in the Bahamas/Paradise Island.

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Before you read further, let me provide you with a few facts about the Bahamas, some of which I learned during my stay.

Bahamas flag



Fun Fact about Bahamas
Fun Fact about Bahamas

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Vacation In Paradise

Paradise Island Bahamas


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JetBlue To The Bahamas/COVID Requirement.

Hopefully, in the future, you may not need a COVID  test before you travel. But if you travel to the Bahamas during COVID, you will need a negative PCR test conducted within 3-5 days of your travel date. 

Bahamas Travel Health Visa

Once you received your negative PCR test result, head over the Bahamas Health Travel Website and create a profile. There you will be prompted to  upload your result. The Bahamas health department may take up to 2 days to approve the Bahamas Travel Health Visa, so plan accordingly. 

$60 Travel Insurance

After your travel health visa is approved, you will be prompted to pay a $60 travel health insurance by credit card. This is supposed to cover any health-related costs that may arise during your vacation stay.

This visa is required for you to board your flight and at check-in at your hotel. You can print or download the visa to your phone.

Daily Dept of Health Survey

Each day you will receive a mandatory health survey questionnaire from The Bahamas Health Department with approximately 6 health-related questions.

RIU Provides Rapid COVID Testing

The RIU provided Free COVID rapid testing daily on the 2nd floor Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 8 pm by Health Care Professionals. I received my result within 2 hours via email. This electronic result can be presented on your phone to your airline representative at check-in; there is no need to print.  

JetBlue’s COVID Requirement

Prior to your flight, a negative COVID test is needed within 3 days of your travel date back home. If you do not have a COVID test, I observed that there is a COVID testing station for rapid testing at the airport. The test usually takes 2 hrs for the result, so plan ahead. 
The Bahamas Health Visa
jetblue flight to the Bahamas
The RIU Hotel/Resort
RIU Hotel Resort/hotel pictures

The RIU Hotel/Resort Bahamas

Pros of RIU Resort Bahamas

The RIU Resort/Hotel (adults only) in The Bahamas is in the perfect location on Paradise Island. The amenities, food, hotel room, ocean views, and ambiance are exquisite.

The RIU staff members: food servers, front desk crew, housekeepers, the bellman, the bar attendants, every other staff member, all provided exceptional customer service I have experienced in a long time. 

All COVID safety regulations were enforced to provide a safe environment for all the guests.

Con of RIU Resort Bahamas

One con I  observed was that there were only 3 elevators to service the 15-floor hotel. My room was on the 15th floor, and only 1 elevator goes to the 15th floor. Therefore, most often there was a long wait for the elevator.

Paradise Island Beach, Bahamas
Paradise Island, Bahamas beach
Paradise Island Beach, Bahamas sun rise

Fine Food Cuisine

RIU Buffet-Style Service

The RIU resort provided buffet-style meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In comparison to the RIU in Aruba, the buffet was not self-serve, but food items were served by RIU staff members.

Free Alcoholic Beverages 24 Hrs./Day

Free alcoholic beverages were included in the all-inclusive package. A bar by the pool and a 24 hour bar in the main lobby provided free alcoholic beverages.

The Snack Bar

The Capaccino station with a seated area closed at the 11 pm. Here, I had access to snacks, desserts, coffee, and cold beverages.

RIU Restaurants

There were restaurants in the lobby area that was accessible by guests that desire to experience other cuisines such as Japanese.

The Jerk Center

At lunch, the Jerk Center across from the pool, served both jerk chicken and jerk pork. To be honest, they both needed a bit more spice and heat; a touch of Jamaican flavor. But over all, the jerk chicken was delicious.

RIU Hotel Resort/hotel Kulinariun Restaurant
jerk chicken and pork
Paradise Island, Bahamas
Paradise Island, Bahamas

The Perfect Surrounding.

The Wildlife-Friendly Lake

Take a 5-7 minutes walk from The RIU Resort and you will stumble upon this beautiful lake with an array of wildlife: turtles, fishes, greenery, and different species of birds. 

There are over 370 known species of birds known across the islands. However, the national bird of the Bahamas is the Flamingo.

Paradise Shopping Village 

If you walk another 7 -10 minutes from the lake, you will come across the Paradise Shopping Village where you can enjoy restaurants, craft shops, grocery shops, pharmacy, Scotia Bank and boutique along Paradise Island Drive.

Paradise Island, Bahamas
Paradise Island, Bahamas
Paradise Island, Bahamas

The Atlantis Aquaventures/Casino

On the opposite side of Paradise Island Drive, about 5 minutes walk, is the Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park  of the Atlantis Resort. None-guest  can purchase tickets to can have access to their  fun water excursions at the Atlantis Resort. It is known as the largest water park in the Caribbean. 

The shopping plaza also houses a number of high end stores such as Gucci, Michael Kors and Rolex and restaurants.

Directly across from the Atlantis Glass Fountain is the Atlantis Casino if you desire to gamble.

Atlantis Glass Fountain, Bahamas
Paradise Island, Bahamas casino
Paradise Island, Bahamas atlantis
Paradise Island, Bahamas atlantis adventures
Paradise Island, Bahamas
Paradise Island, Bahamas
The Family wooden sculptor by Maxwell Taylor: represents the Bahamian family
Bahamian Family
Naussa bahamas airport
We Rushin'

Taxi Cost

Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) to Hotel

As you exit the airport, you will be greeted by this great wooden artwork by Maxwell Taylor. The sculptor represent The Bahamian Family.

It took approximately 20 minutes to taxi from the LPIA to RIU Resort. 

However, it will cost you $45.00 plus $4 for a toll fee that I had to pay. Therefore, my total trip cost me $49.00.

lynden pindling airport bahamas

Taxi From RIU to LPIA

Heading back to the airport, the taxi only cost me $40. 

I assume that the cost for taxi service may be higher or lower due to the day, time of service, or the taxi driver.

After check-in, at the top of the escalator  on the second floor in the departure zone showcases one of the many pieces of artwork called “We Rushin”. 

These beautiful bronze sculptors are adorned in colorful Junkanoo custumes. 

The Junkanoo festival is held each year on the day after Christmas Day (Boxing Day) and New Years’ in the Bahamas to celebrate their rich culture and abolition of slavery.


The Bahamian Currency

The Bahamas is considered one of the richest countries 0n the North Atlantic Ocean located in the American Continent region.

$1 Bahamian = $1 US

Most places of business take both currencies. The Bahamian paper dollar is like a piece of artwork; colorfully painted with the history and rich culture of the island.

The Bahamas currency
The Bahamian currency

The Bahamas is a beautiful island. It will take several visits to explore and learn about the rich history of the Islands.

The pandemic definitely placed a big damper on the normal way of life on the island, but one cannot visit without getting immersed in the relaxing and scenic views of nature and the aqua blue ocean. 

If you are looking for a relaxing getaway to unwind or take a break from life in the US, the Bahamas is a great place to vacation.


Please share you thoughts.

If you vacationed in Bahamas, also leave your link in the comment section.

26 thoughts on “Nassau Bahamas Vacation|Paradise Island | RIU All-Inclusive Resort/Hotel Review.”

  1. Hi,

    Did you enjoy your stay? I’ve been reading a lot of reviews on this resort and there were lot of negative reviews. Were the lines for the restaurant that bad? How much were the passes for Atlantis? Sorry, I have so many questions lol

    1. Thanks for dropping by Lisa. I had a great time in the Bahamas. The pandemic did put a damper on the festivity and normal way of life. I stayed at the RIU in Aruba (see Blog Post) and loved my stay there. The RIU is a great resort. The staff is great. Because of social distancing, there were waits for the restaurants. The positives outweigh the few negatives.

      I did not get to visit the Atlantis water park, but it was good to know that outsiders can get tickets and enjoy the rides.

    1. My room was 1526. It’s on the opposite side of the rooms that face the pool/bar area. So if you want more privacy and quiet, then ask for this room in advance. The hotel definitely enforces covid safety measures. The drinks are really really good. The alcohol is on point. You will definitely love it.

  2. It looks like paradise in the Bahamas! We were supposed to go in May 2020, then postponed to May 2021, and ultimately had to postpone indefinitely. We plan on going, but not sure when. This just makes the desire to plan the trip sooner rather than later even stronger. It looks like such a beautiful place and the resort looks outstanding! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This place certainly looks like paradise! I’ve been to the Bahamas (and Atlantis) once on a cruise stop, but I would love to spend more time exploring the country in the future!

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