Ocean Eden Bay All-Inclusive Resort Review: Escape To Paradise In Trelawny Jamaica.

Ocean Eden Bay All-Inclusive Resort Trelawny Jamaica.

Ocean Eden Bay All-Inclusive Resort, located on the gorgeous beaches of Jamaica’s north coast, is a place for relaxation and adventure. From breathtaking white sandy beaches to crystal-clear turquoise waters, every moment at this tropical paradise will blissfully tug at all your senses. Sit back, relax and learn before you go as we share our review of Ocean Eden Bay Resort All-Inclusive Review: Escape To Paradise In Trelawny Jamaica. 

This blog also includes a video presentation that provides a clearer visual of the resort, its activities, and the bus ride to Margaritaville in Negril.

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Ocean Eden Bay All-Inclusive Resort Trelawny Jamaica.

Ocean Eden Bay Adults Only All-Inclusive Resort, which opened 5 years ago, is nestled in the cool parish of Trelawny. It takes about 45 to 60 minutes to drive from Sangster’s International Airport in St. James, Montego Bay.  

If you have children then The Ocean Coral Springs family-friendly side is only a stone’s throw away. There are several restaurants to select from and don’t forget the free alcoholic beverages all day, every day. 

As a “Privilege” Junior Suite guest, you’ll enjoy exclusive perks and customized services geared to improve your visit. These include but are not limited to a personal butler, access to private beach/pool lounges, premier alcoholic beverages at any of the bars, in-room dining, restaurant reservations, and many more. 

For additional information or on bookings, please visit their website HERE.

Map of Jamaica. source:: adobe.com

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Whether you are a first-time or seasoned visitor to Jamaica, traveling from Sangster’s International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica, can be made simple by using one of the airport’s trusted and dependable bus tour companies to take you directly to your final destination.

We chose Jamaica Tours Limited Company. At the time of travel, it costs around US$40 per person, roundtrip. You can pre-book and pay for your bus trip on their website. To learn more, go HERE.

After your luggage is loaded at the base of the bus, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean and greenery.


When you walk into a junior suit, you will feel as if  you have stepped into a spacious private sanctuary. I believe all rooms on the resort come with a private balcony.  

You can, however, choose a room with a view of the pool, tropical garden, or full oven view. The room features a modern Caribbean-inspired decor. The bed is clean and quite comfortable. 

The stand-alone toilet area, shower, and jetted tub add to the luxurious feel. None of these things are important to me because I spend 80 to 90 percent of my time outdoors participating in activities.

I must especially thank Earl, one of Ocean Eden Bay’s General Managers. He provided amazing customer service.

The Ocean Eden Bay Resort has well-trained staff, as evidenced by my observations and experiences. They, too, were professional, courteous,  and kind. I place a high value on customer service and rate the resort 10/10.

Ocean Eden Bay All-Inclusive Resort Trelawny Jamaica.


Spending time at the beach or where there is a body of water is one of my favorite things to do on vacation. 

The white sand beach and crystal clear blue water at Eden Bay are breathtaking and the perfect backdrop for your vacation photos. However, the beach is very rocky. In some sections of the beach, the sharp pieces of rock make standing barefoot unpleasant.

Beach Shoes and Sun Screen Is A Must.

I strongly advise you to wear beach shoes, such as these Beach Shoe Wear I ordered on Amazon. I am unsure if this is year-round, but the water was surprisingly warm. 

More importantly, please wear sunscreen on your face and body. I learned the hard way and got burnt on my face. I recommend the Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen SPF 70 lotion

Pool with Swim-up Bar

It appears that the pool is temperature-controlled because it is pleasantly warm. Each pool features a swim-up bar where you can order all your favorite alcoholic beverages. Be sure to try the Bob Marley drink, which may be made with or without alcohol.

The pool is a fun time with great music, Jamaican dance entertainment, a DJ, and a foam party. Check out the resort’s activity schedule to see when these activities are offered.

Ocean Eden Bay All-Inclusive Resort Trelawny Jamaica.

THE LAZY "RIVER" at Ocean eden All-inclusive Resort.

The Ocean Eden All-inclusive resort in Trelawny Jamaica offers a variety of enjoyable activities, including the Lazy River. It’s a peaceful way to glide along the “river”. 

If you’re going to get a drink at the Lazy River Bar, carry a closed cup with a straw in case you get dumped on by a bucket of water along the river.

Restaurants at Ocean Eden bay
All-inclusive resort.

From buffet style to sophisticated a la carte restaurants, Eden Bay Resort serves several international cuisines with a local twist. 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served buffet style at the Captain’s Market daily where you can enjoy some of Jamaica’s popular traditional dishes. 

On Thursdays, they provide Caribbean-themed meals for dinner. You can eat dishes such as oxtails, escovitch fried fish, stewed chicken, and pepper pot soup. 

The waiters and waitresses work very hard. They gave excellent customer service. I recommend you to take singles or smaller change and tip the workers as often as possible.

Ocean Eden Bay All-Inclusive Resort Trelawny Jamaica. Breakfast


Despite the lengthy wait for us to be seated, the food at the Steakhouse was great. The waiter provided outstanding service. I got their BBQ Baby Back Ribs, and despite the fact that the barbecue sauce was not appealing, it tasted delicious.

Red snapper
Jamaica Grill

We recommend these two oceanfront restaurants. Jamaica Grill serves popular Jamaican dishes such as Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork, and Festival (Sweet Fried Dumpling).

Even though these food items did not meet my expectations, they were still enjoyable and, I rate them 7/10.

I was drawn to the Red Snapper Restaurant because it is named after a popular Jamaican fish. I assumed it was a seafood restaurant, but subsequently discovered that their menu is very diverse.

sugar cane

Sugar Cane is the most popular restaurant on the resort due to its daily Jamaican-inspired menu. Dining here requires a reservation. However, if you want to ensure your plate of oxtails, you must book your reservation early, especially if it’s for a large group.

Ocean Eden Bay All-Inclusive Resort Trelawny Jamaica. Sugar Cane Restaurant

To learn more about other restaurants at Ocean Eden Bay

A representative will be available in the check-in lobby to assist you with all of your excursion and bus tour needs.

We organized a tour bus to Negril, where we visited Margaritaville. The travel from the resort took about two hours. On our way, we stopped at a tiny grocery shop and souvenir store.

 If you ever come to Jamaica, I highly recommend visiting Negril Margaritaville. The stunning picturesque views of the turquoise oceans and the greenery were quite relaxing.

The food, music, and, most importantly, the white sand beach and crystal blue sea create a vibe. It’s an excellent way to forget about your difficulties.

Margaritaville Negril Jamaica

Jamaica is the perfect wedding destination. Ocean Eden Bay has a choice of wedding packages for people looking to make memories that will last a lifetime.

A beachfront wedding with the stunning backdrop of the oceans is the ideal canvas for capturing memories of your wedding ceremony.

Ocean Eden Bay All-Inclusive Resort Trelawny Jamaica. Beach Front wedding destination

Fun facts about Trelawny Jamaica

Fun Facts About Trelawny Jamaica

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A Jamaican Experience To Remember

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