Philadelphia Top 5 Attractions: Explore Philly PA.


No matter what your interests are, Philadelphia commonly known as Philly, has something to spark your interest. 

In addition, Philadelphia is also known as the the City of Brotherly Love.

As you explore the streets of Philly, you walk the pages of history and rich American culture. 

If you are a lover of History and art, then this amazing city offers many amazing teachable moments.

 If you are a travel explorer, Philadelphia has a lot for you to see and do. This blog shows a few highlights of the top tourist attractions in Philly.




Why PA Is Called City Of Brotherly Love?

Philadelphia or Philly for short, is famously know as the City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia got this name from the Greek words phileo (love) and adelphos (brother),hence the name City of Brotherly Love. 

To learn more about the history (Hx) of how Pennsylvania came into existence, Nina Starner, in her article How Pennsylvania Got it’s Name, wrote  a very good presentation on the history of PA. 


Philadelphia, City of Sculptural Arts

Almost every street in Philadelphia is lavished with sculptural art or architectural buildings that one cannot help becoming intrigued.

The historical significance of these sculptors and historical buildings will draw you enthusiasm for knowledge.
Moreover, this makes Philly one of the few cities that makes visit so ideal for family members of all ages.

architectural building

Philadelphia's Architectual Buildings

Philly, PA has some of the most intricately designed historic buildings. They are one of Philadelphia's top tourist attractions.
Below are some of the highlights.

Philadelphia's Top 5 Must See Tourist Attractions.


The Reading Terminal Market

reading terminal market PA

The Reading Terminal Market is located in one of Philly’s historic landmark buildings. It’s one on the most unique markets i have experienced.
This one stop shop market houses local produce such as fruits and vegetables. 
You will also  find a fish market, sweet treats, breads and a number of small eat in restaurants. 

Why the name Philly Cheesesteak?

philly cheese steak
Spataro’s Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

I have had Philly Cheesesteak in Brooklyn and have always wondered where the name Philly Cheesesteak originated. 

After  researching a bit, i found out that the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich was invented by two natives in Philadelphia.

Pat and Harry who owned a hot dog stand decided to experiment with a sandwich using thinly shaved or sliced beef and caramelized onions. 

A customer saw Harry eating the sandwich and ordered one for himself. The sandwich was so good that he suggested that they should stop selling hot dogs and focus on selling Cheesesteak Sandwiches, hence the name Philly Cheesesteak. 

Spataro’s Cheesesteak  was good sandwich, but i have had better ones outside of PA.


Philadelphia Museum Of Arts

Take a long stroll down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway where you will observe the display of flags from countries across the world along the parkway. 

benjamin franklin parkway

Jamaican flag

In addition, there are sculptors and art work attractions along the parkway that visitors can’t help but notice. 

The Museum of Art sits at the end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. 

The museum showcases famous paintings and artwork spanning thousands of years. If you are an art lover, then you must visit this Philly museum.

Moreover, the museum is now famously known for the Bronze Rocky Statue that majestically stands at the base of the many “Rocky” steps leading to the museum. 

Hx of Philly’s Rocky Statue

The statue signifies that anything is possible when you persevere. The statue  of Sylvester Stallone  was built for the movie Rocky.

It depicts the character of a boxer in the movie named Rocky who was played by Sylvester. 

In the movie, Rocky ends his morning run up the famously known Rocky stairs leading  to the museum.
Above all, the stairs have become a symbol that represents that an underdog like Rocky the Boxer, can become a champion with hard work and determination.




African American Museum Of Philadelphia

museum of natural history

This is another one of Philadelphia’s historical museums. I believe that everyone regardless of race or skin color should visit museum to learn about  slavery and African American history.

In addition, you will be enlightened by the rich African history and many artworks showcased in the exhibition gallery on each floor. Below are a few of highlights.


The Liberty Bell Center, National Historic Park Pennsylvania

the liberty BELL

The free admission to The Liberty Bell center displays one of Philly’s iconic symbol of freedom. You will learn about the rich history of the Liberty Bell’s significance during the period of slavery.


Independence Hall, National Historic Park Pennsylvania

Independence hall PA

The Independence Hall is another Philadelphia’s historic landmarks that houses the rooms where both the United States Declaration of  Independence and the Constitution were signed. 

A guided tour of the hall by National Rangers provided a historic overview of the American Constitution and systems of laws.

american flag

Where To Stay In Pennsylvania?

hotel room

The Hilton Garden Inn Pennsylvania is centrally located and is within walking distance to all the historic landmarks, tourist attractions and restaurants.

Where To Eat in Philly?

The Hilton Hotel has an onsite dining. However, Philly has a number of  restaurants  and bars to enjoy some of the best meals that Philly has to offer.

These are two of my favorite restaurants that you can also visit in PA that won’t break your pocket are:

IHOP Restaurant

ihop pancakeihop

The Hard Rock Cafe Restaurants

hard rock cafe

I would like to know what you think, leave a comment and share.

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