Road Trip New York City to Maryland/The Wharf DC

Road trip NYC to Maryland

Road trips are the perfect getaway from the stress of city life. New York City to Maryland is a road trip to remember. No matter the duration or the destination, road trips are like a canvas on which you paint memories. 

Below I will share with you my travel experiences in Maryland and The Warf in Washington DC.


Road Trip: NYC to Baltimore Maryland

Your Weekend Getaway

Tired of dealing with COVID in the city? Then this 3.5 hours trip from NYC to Baltimore Maryland is great for a weekend getaway. The scenic views of nature will take your mind away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.

The 2020 Pandemic has taught us so many lessons. This disastrous event made us consciously aware of the fact that life is so short. 

Living in NYC during the pandemic and the social distancing makes it challenging for us to vacation, especially internationally. Taking a road trip within the US is a more feasible way to get out of the city, unwind and de-stress.

The Best Experience Ever

"No matter the duration or the destination, road trips are like a canvas on which you paint memories"
Kevin Foodie
Food & Travel Blogger

Tolls and E-ZPass

Traveling from NYC to Maryland not only comes with the expense of buying gas, but there are about 6 – 7 tolls you will have to pay.


I highly recommend that you obtain an E-ZPass. Some of the tolls are only E-ZPass and having one will make your road trip so much easier.

The District Wharf  Washington DC  

the wharf

About 30-40 minutes drive outside of Maryland where I stayed, is The District Wharf. The Wharf is a long stretch along the Potomac River that showcases several businesses and restaurants for all your shopping and entertainment needs.

the wharf dc
the warf

From Fast Food To Fine Dining

The Wharf has a number of different cuisines ranging from fast-food chains such as the Shake Shack Burger joint to a more high end: MI VIDA Mexican Restaurant

MI VIDA Mexican Restaurant  is one of the restaurants located on the District Wharf’s waterfront stretch. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor dining. If you are a lover of Mexican food, then this is your ideal spot.

The end of the waterfront walk is The Seafood Market that houses several seafood vendors. 

Here you can purchase fish and seafood such as crabs, shrimp, lobster, and shell fish to make your own seafood mukbang at home.

Maryland: Homemade Mukbang

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  1. I’ve never been to Baltimore and your post has officially made me want to book a trip now! I love the amazingly delicious photos of the food from Mi Vida. They are making my mouth water. Thank you so much for posting this blog post!

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