Seattle Washington’s # 1 Tourist Attraction.

Space Needle

Seattle's Most Iconic Tourist Attraction

The Space Needle is the number #1 place to visit in Seattle Washington. This iconic attraction is at the center of things to do and places to visit. In addition, Tourists can take  the elevator to the Needle’s Observation Deck for a 360 degrees spectacular view of the city and Mount Rainier. 
Space Needle

Take Public Transportation

The Space Center is located Downtown Seattle and it is very hard to find parking. Therefore, taking public transportation may be a better option. Pierce Transit has buses that can take you there. Moreover, taking the bus can save you money and gas. You also get to beautiful view of nature and Mount Rainier when you travel from Tacoma WA.

Grab a Bite at One of The Food Trucks

There are a number food trucks in the Downtown Seattle area where you can purchase street food from different types of cuisines ranging from Chinese, Indian, Mexican to Jamaican. However, there are several fast food restaurants and eateries that you can sit and have a meal.

Seattle Space Center

Visit The Pop Culture Museum.

If you love museums, then visit the the Space Center's Pop Culture Museum. Different aspects of pop culture are showcased at the museum such as: various genres of music, horror/sci-fi movies, and video games.

Seattle Space Center

Love Art?

If you love art, then you will love that the Space Needle Seattle Center is saturated with sculptural art show throughout the center. 

The Chihuly Garden and Glass is a landscaped garden that exhibits very colorful and interesting glass sculptures.

Seattle Center Monorail

The Seattle Center Monorail

Another notable attraction of the Needle Space Center is the Monorail.

The Monorail shuttle train provide transportation above city streets between the Seattle Center and most major shopping plazas, restaurants, skyscraper buildings and a water front in Downtown Seattle area.

Seattle’s Central Library

If you just want somewhere to unwind and relax, the Seattle’s Central Library offers a peaceful and quiet place to relax and enjoy a glimpse of the Elliot Bay.

Moreover, the library is a structural masterpiece. The exterior shows off it’s beautiful  architectural glass design.

Travel Sites that can make your Seattle Tour Experience a Better one.

For more Information on Tourist Attractions and Transportation in Seattle WA, you can visit:  CityPass Seattle  and Pierce  

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