Sojo Spa Club, Edgewater, NJ: Best Spa Experience

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Are You tired of the COVID Pandemic and the stress of social distancing? Do you need a place to relax with friends or family? Then The Sojo Spa Club  in Edgewater NJ  is a little paradise for those who wants to relax and unwind. The spa will give you an experience to remember. Here are some of the highlight.

The Best SPA Experience Ever

"Sojo Spa Club is not just a Spa, it's an invigorating experience that ushers you into a place of tranquility and relaxation."
Kevin Foodie
Food & Travel Blogger

Enjoy the relaxing savor of the waterfall by the outdoor swimming pool. It’s your little oasis and place to rejuvenate. 

Your Dream Spa-cation is Here

My experience at Sojo Spa Club has led me to share with you in this blog. There are so many relaxing activities at this spa. You will need an entire weekend to fully enjoy most of the amenities. 

How To Get To The Sojo Spa Club

I live in NYC and it took me 1 1/2 hours drive by bus to get to NJ. A train ride to Times Square 42nd street connects you to the 158 bus at the Port Authority. The bus drops you directly across from the spa. If you drive, you will have to worry about parking as there are no parking on the spa’s facility.

Is There A Hotel at Sojo Spa Club?

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The spa does offer hotel accommodation  but was a bit expensive at the time of my visit. However, you book accommodations with  The Comfort Inn Hotel which is almost directly across the street from Sojo Spa. It is around 5-6 minutes walk from the Comfort Inn. More importantly, it was a very affordable stay at that time. Check their website as they most often have promotions that can save you money on bookings. There are a lot of airbnbs in NJ if you are going with  large groups of people. but the Sojo Hotel and

How Much? How Do You Pay? Sojo Spa Memberships.

Just bear in mind, that going to the Sojo spa on the weekend cost you bit more than visiting during the week. The one day spa pass will cost you between $70-$85 depending on the day of the week.You can purchase a gift card online with a credit card and you will get either a email or text confirmation. or you can pay onsite when you arrive.

Check their website frequently. They sometimes have deals for online purchases. This one day pass will give you free access to most of the Spa’s amenities such as: Infinity pools, hot baths, and a fitness center.  However, you will have to pay extra for luxury items such as massages.

There are options to join their membership where you pay a monthly subscription fee. This is best for those who frequently visits spas.

What to Expect When You Visit.

After you pay your fee and get checked in, you will be assigned to a locker for you to put your belongings. The lockers are not big, so please do not bring a huge bag or luggage.

You are required to bring your own sandals and swimwear. Please check Sojo’s etiquette policy for dress code. In your locker you will find a white robe that you can wear over your swim trunks as you explore the Spa’s amenities.

Enjoy Some You-Time

Relax and chill by one of  Sojo bathhouse’s many outdoor pools  and enjoy the tranquilizing ice cold water fall.

You can also enjoy their cold, warm and hot baths. My favorite cold bath is the deep plunge. You jump into a 20 feet deep ice cold square box and then immediately relax your muscles in one of the warm or hot baths. 

This hot and cold therapy is said to help with stiffness and tension in your muscles.

stone Massage

Sojo Spa's Foot Massage Pathway

At first, walking on the foot massage path that is layered with different shaped rocks is a bit painful or uncomfortable.

It feels like needles penetrating the sole of your feet. But after a while, your feet become numb to the pain. But at the end, your feet will feel like you just had a hour foot massage.

Food and Dining

The Spa has a small food dining area, where you can grab a quick bite (pizzas, sandwiches, snacks and smoothies) and enjoy both indoor and outdoor dinning. However, in Edgewater NJ, there are a wide selection of restaurants such as  The Brownstone Pancake Factory and The Outback Steak House. These and many more restaurants are within walking distance from the Spa.

Manhattan skyline

Sojo Spa's Pools

The Hydrotherapy and infinity pools are my two favorite pools at Sojo to relax . The Infinity pool overlooks the Hudson river and  you will be captivated by the spectacular panoramic view of the  NYC skyline.

The Hydrotherapy Pool

The hydrotherapy pool was  probably my most favorite. It’s a pool with seats that is similar to a jetted tub. Think of a fire truck hosing you down. The jets are so powerful that it hit every muscle in your back and legs. It leaves you very relaxed and tension free.

Other Sojo Spa Amenities

In addition to the outdoor pools, hot and cold baths, water falls, foot massage path and dining, Sojo Spa Club has a lot more to offer. Here are a few of the other amenities you can enjoy. Saunas . Massage Therapies . Fitness Center . Computer Center . Relaxation Lounges . Korean Body Scrubs . Volcanic Sand Baths . Therapeutic Baths and a Hotel. You can check out their websites for more details.

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  1. I’ve been looking for something to do during Covid. I’m in Seattle and have been wondering if going to a spa would be to risky but you definitely put my mind at ease a bit here.

  2. Omg I am a spa girl for real for real! I would absolutely love this. My favorite is the hydrotherapy pool and the foot massage pathway. I’m all about the massages this looks amazing!

  3. I had been thinking about going to this spa for a trip to New York that was scheduled for back in April. I’m so glad I found your review! I’m definitely going to go when we reschedule the trip!

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