Top Haitian Dishes: Djon Djon, Legume, Black Rice, Griot, Akra.

Top Haitian Foods

Let’s explore the flavors of Haitian dishes. Djon Djon, a flavorful black mushroom rice dish, Griot, tender pieces of marinated and fried pork, and Akra, a savory fritter made with grated malanga and spices, are among the most popular Haitian dishes.

Each dish is bursting with distinct flavors that make Haitian cuisine a sensory delight.

History of Haitian Dishes

Haitian cuisine is a vibrant and flavorful synthesis of African, European, and Caribbean influences that have evolved over time. 

The cuisine reflects the country’s history, with ingredients and techniques reflecting its African roots, French colonial past, and indigenous traditions.

Their menus are known for its bold and spicy flavors, as well as its inventive use of herbs, spices, and local ingredients like plantains, yams, cassava, and coconut.

The meals from Haiti are definitely worth trying, whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a curious traveler looking to explore new culinary experiences.

Haitian dishes, with their rich history and diverse influences, are sure to leave an indelible impression on anyone who tries them.

Haitian Cuisine Review

La Caye Haitian restaurant

LA CAYE is a Haitian restaurant and bar located in New York City’s Downtown Brooklyn neighborhood that serves some of my favorite Haitian dishes.

Allow me to share with you about my dining experience and some of the Haitian dishes I sampled.


“Tasty Haitian food, set inside a lovely Haitian Restaurant”

La Caye Restaurant provided me with an unforgettable dining experience. The only thing that matched the quality of the food was the quality of service I received. I wish I could keep the flavor in my mouth indefinitely. The explosion of flavors is unlike any other.
Kevin the food explora
Kevin Foodie

Djon Djon is also known as Black Rice. It is a traditional Haitian dish made with shrimp and soft crabs. There are, however, vegetarian options for the dish.

The black mushrooms are responsible for the rice dish’s exotic black color. However, the black rice image below does not include seafood and is therefore suitable for vegetarians.

I attempted to make black rice several years ago using dried mushrooms I received from a Haitian friend. Despite the fact that I skipped an important step in her recipe, it turned out better than expected.

For black rice recipes, check out “Everything Haitian” and “Kreyol cuisine”

At almost all Haitian restaurants and events, Griot or fried pork is served. Furthermore, Griot and fried green plantain are like a horse and carriage, you can’t have one without the other.

As a side dish,  fried green plantains are often served in most Haitian households.

Haitian Akra

Akra is made from a root vegetable called “coco” in Jamaica; in Haiti, it is often called malanga. 

It is grated and formed into a submarine-shaped patty and fried. However, eating Akra for the first time reminds me of eating deep-fried hash brown potatoes. It is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with a unique flavor

Check out this recipe at

La Caye Haitian Groit
Food Explora

Legume': Haitian Dishes # 3

Legume’ is a vegetable-meat stew. The main ingredients are eggplant, carrots, cabbage, sweet peppers, lima beans and Soft crab and/or some type of meat. 

They are stewed to a delicious rich consistency an is often served over rice. However, the one I ordered at La Caye was meatless.

For the traditional Legume’ recipe, check out “My Haitian Kitchen” blog for this and other Haitian recipes.

Food Explora

Other Haitian Favorites

Fried Green Plantain

Fried green plantains are one of my favorite foods. You can be sure that it will be served at most Haitian parties or Sunday dinners in most Haitian homes.

fried green plantains

Haitian Sós Pwa

Sauce Pois, a  pureed black bean sauce, is another popular Haitian dish that is often served with rice.

The dish is also known as Sós Pwa Nwa or Sós Pwa Wóuj. But, regardless of how it’s spelled, the dish is bursting with flavor.

Haitian cuisine is extremely flavorful. However, the smell and taste are distinctively Haitian. 

I can boldly say that only Haitians who grew up in Haiti and spends most of their life cooking, is capable of preparing authentic Haitian meals.

Other Haitian Restaurants

Many Caribbean cuisines can be found in New York City, particularly in Brooklyn.

I also recommend the following restaurants for authentic Haitian dishes:

Kreyole Flavor  1738 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210

Dana Caribbean Cuisine  2026 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210



Food Explora

I visited this restaurant some years later after writing this blog and decided to add it to my list of must-visit Haitian restaurants.

Zamni is a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York City. There is a bar with a live band that makes the atmosphere both relaxing and energizing.

I ordered black rice, legumes, and griot from them. The food was wonderful. You should, however, try their soursop juice with booze. This was my first time mixing alcohol with soursop juice, and it was a hit.

Black Rice
Griot + Fried Plantains
Haitian Food Legume
Vegetarian Legume

You will also love my other restaurant reviews. Check out my other blogs below:




Feel free to share your thoughts about Haitian dishes and a star rating.

What is your favorite Haitian dish or food?

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  4. Haitian Black rice was my favorite dish when I visited Haiti. Goodness it’s been years. I have not been bold to attempt the dish here in the states.

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