Yo, Check Out My Top 10 Burger Restaurants: More Than A Hamburger.

No matter what you are craving, Burgers are undeniable a favorite menu choice at most restaurants.

The vast diversity and varieties of hamburgers in burgersphere give many options to choose: Beef burgers, Vegan/Vegetarian Burgers, Lamb Burgers, Fish Burgers, or Chicken Burgers, you name it.

One cannot deny the fact that burgers are delicious, fulfilling and most time is quintessential to the geographic location or the culture of a restaurant.

Each of my top burger hot spots below serves burgers stands out in  unique ways, making them my all time favorites.


The Grange Bar and Eatery  located in Hamilton Heights, Harlem NYC, has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

It the perfect place to eat, have a drink from their wide selection of beers and relax with your friends on the weekend or after work. 

Their menu options are prepared from organic ingredients locally produced.

This juicy Sirloin and Brisket meat with crispy onions  rings that sit between two buttery brioche soft buns will make your taste buds dance for joy.

Burgerfi Restaurant

Nothing beats a classic Bacon Cheese Burger. Burgerfi Restaurant  in Forth Lauderdale Florida specializes in a variety of very unique hamburgers including vegan options.

Their Angus Beef Burgers are to die for. Don’t forget to order their humongous steroid looking onion rings. 

burgerfi burger

If you dine outdoors, you will definitely need a iced drink to cool off in the hot Florida weather.

“Tasty Burger, set in outdoor dinning overlooking Ocean Drive South Beach.

Wet Willies is one of South Beach's top go to spot for a nice meal on their roof top dining area overlooking the crowded Ocean Avenue or the coconut trees along side to the beach. While they are well known for their alcoholic slushy drinks such as " sex on the beach" or "call a cab", the restaurant has some great menu options.
When I am in South Beach, this is my # 1 go to restaurant. My favorites menu item are their delicious Grilled Pineapple Beef Burger. The sweetness of the pineapple with tangy sauce on the burger meat dances the bachata in your mouth. Their french fries are are so crisp and tasty, they make you crave for more.
wet willies

Burger It Up Restaurant in Brooklyn NYC is very small intimate place to chill for a after work  bite or a dinner date. They specialize in mainly Burgers. 

What makes their burger so juicy, is that their hamburgers are made from black angus burger meat. 

Moreover, the beef are produced from cows that are fed only vegetarian diets, free from hormones and antibiotics. 

Their seasoned fries add a nice complementary flavor to their mouth watering burgers. 

5. Shake Shack Restaurant Angus Beef Burgers

Fast Food Chains carry some of the most affordable, yet delicious burgers.  Shake Shack Restaurant is no different.

They offer one of the juiciest and best quality burgers in comparison to other fast food chain restaurants.

More importantly, their burgers are also made from Angus Beef that are 100% vegetarian fed and free from antibiotics and hormones. 

You will, without a doubt, see and taste the quality of their beef.

Johnny Rockets Restaurant  is famously known for their angus beef burgers and milk shakes. 

However, they offer healthy menu options such as this Grilled Chicken Burger and Sweet Potato Fries.

This restaurant and bar is located in Manhattan NYC, is a popular hot spot for their $0.25 cents chicken wings on Mondays. 

However, their Texas Burger and Fries in particular, is one of my favorites at 1849. The 10 oz burger is topped with Monterrey Jack Cheese and BBQ sauce.

Apple Bee’s restaurant has one of the most diverse menu options compared to other chain restaurants. Their handcrafted burgers are delicious, comforting and fairly affordable.

Wendy’s Restaurants, compared to other major fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King is the first fast food restaurant, as far as i can recall, that serves good quality beef burgers.

In addition, Wendy’s was probably the first fast food chain to add a  number of healthier menu options such as freshly made salads and baked potatoes as side orders.

As a result, Wendy’s is on my list of go to restaurant   to grab a hamburger.

10. Kevin Foodie's Home Made Burger.

Homemade Beef Burger

A good homemade beef burger is always a good opportunity to put your own twist on restaurant made hamburgers. 

This homemade Beef Burger is bursting with flavor. The grilled onions adds a hint of sweetness.

home made hamburger

 What is homemade burger without a toasted Sweet Hawaiian Hamburger Bun. 


If you love this blog, leave a comment and let me know what is your favorite burger or restaurant that serves your favorite hamburger.

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